Monday, July 13, 2009

Ever Growing Hat Collection: Award Tour Snapback

I don't know when my fascination with headwear really began nor do I know why I spend so much money on it as it only leads to premature baldness which I know is already genetically jump started for me. But over the past couple weeks I have been set on taking a step back from my expansive fitted collection and concentrating on building a strong repertoire of snapbacks. First on the list was to acquire the burgundy and teal snapback from On Award Tour. Phil was kind enough to dig up this gem which to my previous knowledge sold out immediately. The fit is on point and craftsmanship was beyond my expectations. So much so that I requested the Miami colorway in the same hat. Only a testament to the brand.

I had a chance to chat a bit with Philiph today or as he is known to most: Lochness. It blows my mind that Phil is only 19 and has been doing On Award Tour since high school, this past year turning his dorm into a mini distribution machine. When I was 19 (makes me feel like I am old and incompetent) I think starting my own line was at the back of my mind but thoughts of pursuing it just didn't phase me. Three years into the project and Phil already has a following worldwide. It is brands like On Award Tour that I pride myself on supporting. I feel like these are the brands that are going to revive the cluttered streetwear scene that in my opinion are on the cusp of turning mainstream or already have. Phil has a re-up coming to the store in the next couple weeks so act quick as this stuff is sure to sell out once again.