Friday, July 17, 2009

Formerly Freshjive

Interesting announcement coming from the Freshjive camp in terms of future collection, designs and marketing. I know for a fact that Freshjive is not the only brand dealing with this dilemma and it will be interesting to see if other brands follow suit.

“Since I started Freshjive, I have had a personal conflict with this business of “branding”. In fact, I was so conflicted at one time, that I quit working. I am in the business of promoting the company brand yet personally I am not interested in items for the brand name.

It’s a bit of a quagmire with me because I hate the culture of promoting a brand yet I enjoy designing clothes and t shirt designs. Beginning with our spring 2010 line, we will no longer be using our brand logo or name on any of our product, including all labeling and t shirt designs. Nowhere on any product will our name or previous brand logo be used anymore.”

Rick Klotz

(via. TimeBomb)