Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Us Versus Them 2009 Fall/Winter Collection

Here is a peek at some of Southern California's Us Versus Them Fall/Winter tee collection.

The collection is vast and will drop over the course of two deliveries beginning with a mid-September drop and followed by an early November drop which will feature the designs on crewnecks and hoodies.

Among the bold and graphically inclined collection is a re-introduction of their Magnum logo and Miscreanats mascot as well as a Crooks & Castles collaboration.

"Over the past four years, Us Versus Them has defined itself through bold, meaningful designs that carry a slightly dark, cynical twist. Using their name as a jumping point to explore themes of individualism, idealism, rivalry and oppression, while maintaining a classic signature look, allows the brand to explore heavy themes without having to take itself too seriously". - Hypebeast

You can see the collection in its entirety here.

(via. Hypebeast)