Friday, July 3, 2009

My Battle With My Lack Of Creativity

Of all the 88 blogs I follow daily, nothing seemed blog worthy today. It all just felt the same: repetition from site to site. No one giving me any back story or special insight but rather laying it out for me in a few sentences that merely reflected what I saw in the pictures. I realized that at times this is what Life After Midnight has done. So it is my hopes that I will be able to, over the next few weeks, improve on my delivery of content and give a little more insight into the design process through more thorough research and photography. Reflecting on this week I also realized that my head was all over the place and that I was having difficulties grasping any solid concepts to work through. Doesn't make sense as I am now located in the centre of the creative terrestial sphere so creativity should be fostering itself. However this creative block was just an eye opener for me and a realization for the need to push myself. For me this has been the biggest battle, keeping up with the creative energy of my peers. I feel that my execution of design has always been on point but getting to a solid creative concept has been my battle.

One thing that always seems to revive the creativity is shoe shopping. So that is what I decided to do this weekend. So far I think I have walked into about 6 sneaker boutiques from Premium Laces on Spring Street to Flight Club on Lafayette to some unknown spot just south of Time Square (allowing myself only one purchase in the form of the Alife Allover Slips). There is something about holding a shoe, analysing the details and construction that gets the wheels turning. This realization also sheds light on the fact that relying on blogs to see what up and coming does not allow you to fully appreciate a product or design. In fact it at times the Internet becomes a crutch. The whole basis of streetwear at its roots was about "Being in the know", finding out about products by going down to your local spot and seeing it on the the shelves. I feel like it at times the internet gets in the way and we begin to take for granted the design process and the people behind the projects which in turns interferes with ones own creativity process.

Anyways all this has turned to ramble and I lost track of the intial point of this post. Which was after all the SB's, Jordans, Boat Shoes, Slips I saw this weekend I think I found my next summer shoe: The Supra Cuban.