Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Hundreds Win Michael Jackson Memorial Tickets...Sort Of

Sometimes I feel like Bobby and Ben are those kids in high school who just had all the luck. Never studied for a test yet managed to get a better grade. Or your friend who could walk into a store and find that tee you had been searching for for years - in their size and to your chagrin the last one. Once again they prove to you how this luck just seems to radiate from behind the wheel of Ben's Escalade.

Ben and Bobby didn't actually win tickets to the Michael Jackson Memorial but rather were given the tickets by a Hundreds aficionado from St. Louis. I hope you got a whole bunch of swag for them kid. I know when I hustled the Hundreds in November I managed to take Bobby to the cleaners and swindle some PinkBerry.

(via. TheHundreds)