Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Livestock Vancouver | Block Party and BBQ Recap

Exceptional and abnormally blue skies served as the back drop for this past weekend Livestock Block Party and BBQ. The event was Livestocks's forth and final block party of the summer. The event drew a crowd of over 5000 that flooded the stores cobble stone block in historic Gastown (known to Canadians as Old Vancouver).

The event featured music by DJ Age, Flipout, My Gay Husband, Marvel, Rico Uno, Hedspin, and Fashen. Aside from live music, eS Footwear x Color Magazine hosted a mini ramp contest and Fortune Sound Club put on Who's The Best On The Block Contest. The contest offered up $500 in cash and prizes in an open dance jam format with all styles invited to participate.

The event was made possible by some great sponsors including Nike Sportswear, Puma, eS Footwear, Keep, The Hundreds, G-Shock, Coors Light, Red Bull, Alife and Vancouver Is Awesome.

More pictures from the event can be viewed here.
(via. LiveStock)