Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 MTV VMA | Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind

Thanks to a fortunate series of events this week I found myself amongst the crowd at this years VMA Awards at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday Night. As most of you are aware last night's show proved to be extremely entertaining, aggravating and inspiring.

In the entertaining category I give the third star to Beyonce's performance. What else is there to see about Mrs. Knowles. Second star goes to the Michael Jackson tribute minus the Madonna thing. The video and matching choreography was well put together and it was a nice change from the BET Awards in which every celebrity had some comment to say about the King of Pop whether they knew him or not. It became a competition of Michael Jackson name dropping and by the end I wanted to scissor kick Jamie Foxx in the back of the head and then poke him in the eye. The first star goes to Jay and Alicia Keys performance of "Empire State of Mind". Jay's eleventh album, The Blueprint 3, might have tanked but this guy knows how to perform. I have unfortunately seen Kanye perform on three separate occasions and Jay-z's performance Sunday night tops any of Kanye's performances hands down.

For the aggravating portion I am not sure who gets the third star but I know that the second star goes to Lil Mama for crashing Jay's and Alicia's finale. At first I was like "Cool, Jay and Alicia let some fan or sick girl on stage for the final chorus to join them, some sort of Make-A-Wish thing I bet". Who is Lil Mama by the way? Real_Ron_Artest's tweet shortly after sums it up quite nicely. "Lil Mama is on NYC Craigslist & off the VMA Invite List. Try 'gigs' or 'jobs.' Or if u really desperate 'casual encounters". First star without a doubt would be Kanye's plead for attention. I could rant on this topic for a good 15 minutes using language that my mother would cry tears over, so I will just say that Kanye has done a lot of controversial and uncalled for things but last night I, along with many others, lost a great deal of respect for him.

For the inspiring section I would say third nod goes to Kid Cudi. A year ago he was putting in time working at Bape and now he is nominated for best new artist, just had a Cudi tee put out by Bape, performing at the VMA's and his debut CD "Man On The Moon" releases today. Second star goes to everyone involved in putting together the event. This will come across sort of childish but it is quite inspiring to see what a group of individuals can do when the work together. I cannot imagine all the work, planning and rehearsing that went into planning and putting on this event. First star, once again, goes to the "Empire State of Mind" performance. I was hoping to return to Canada and being able to say that I saw Jay perform live in New York and now I can. Alicia killed as well.

On a side note Lady Gaga is crazy.