Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prepping for Winter | Top 3 Toques For Winter 2009

Yes, American's call the knit winter head wear a beanie. But in Canada a toque, or tuque, is the common name for a traditionally knit winter hat and in my opinion the proper name for a warm winter head wear. So far there have been three toques that have grabbed my attention. Though I am sure there are still a few good ones yet to be released these are my top three picks thus far as I begin to prep for a cold, long, physically and mentally devastating winter in Canadian.

1. Supreme 'Block Logo' Beanie/Toque

This was released a few weeks ago and as a result also sold out a few weeks ago. I went over to Supreme on Lafayette to cop one as they were only $28. I obviously was already suffering from a little hypothermia and not thinking straight thinking I would still be able to get my hands on one. Not a chance. I checked eBay this week and it is clear to see where they all ended up. On eBay they are selling for $54 plus $30 shipping. It was affordable at one point. The toque comes in green, red, black, sky blue, royal blue and grey.

2. Undefeated 'All Good' Beanie

This releases this coming Saturday at UNDFTD retail accounts. I am not sure of price point but judging by past releases I would venture to guess between $18-$28. My only concern would be the pom-pom looks like an after thought. But still a great toque non-the-less.

3. Coal 'The Team' Beanie

Coal continues to make some of the best winter head wear on the market in my opinion. If anyone can capture the essences of a fine classic knit beanie in modern style its Coal. 'The Team' beanie retails for $25 an comes in seven great colorways.