Saturday, September 5, 2009

Las Vegas Recap | Capsule Trip Countdown

As a few have noticed the blog is undergoing a few small changes. I got fed up with the small pictures and a few layout issues. You may have also noticed the lack of posts this past week. I ended up getting the invite to head to Las Vegas with 3sixteen to help with Capsule. We headed out on Saturday to spend a few days in Los Angeles with Johan before heading to LV. I had all the intentions of documenting the trip but for some reason the camera only made an appearance in LA before it went M.I.A. (and by M.I.A. I mean it never left the bag) which is a shame as a lot of great things went down. I could go into great detail but instead I am going to summarize the events in a David Letterman style Top 10 Countdown.

10) Not having any of my songs vetoed on the trip from LA to Las Vegas. It's tough to narrow down 80 minutes of songs that represent your musical tastes. New found appreciation for Monday Morning Playlists.

9) Attending a USC scrimmage at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on the hottest day of my life. Thoughts with Ronald Johnson and a fast recovery from his broken collarbone sustained during Saturday's game. USC is going to be a force this year especially after today's 56-3 bludgeoning. Although it was against unranked San Jose State the game saw freshman quarterback Matt Barkely not only start but go 15 for 19 for 233 yards which included his first TD pass.

8) 2 hour wait to get into the Boiling Crag in Los Angeles. Meal consisted of 7 pounds of shrimp, 4 pounds of blue crab, 3 pounds of craw fish, some corn, sausage and fries. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

7) Getting to wear the Jon Gray x Palms x Supra Skytop around Vegas. Not only did I feel like the man but got a ton of curious looks and questions. The closest I will get to being a celebrity.

6) The food.

5) Being involved in my first trade show, learning the ropes and getting a much better understanding of the work involved. Not as glamorous as I had initially imagined but it gave me a new found appreciation for the lengths that some of these smaller independent brands go to to do what they love.

4) Being taught the premise of Craps by Self Edge owner Kiya Babzani and witnessing what has become one of my favourite work out-celebratory-dance moves known to man. If you see Kiya ask him to break down his weight lifting-puffing-happy feet ritual.

3) Having the opportunity to meet and chat with a ton of respected industry types including Scott Sasso and Emeka Obi (10deep), Cool Calm Pete, Benny Gold, Chris Eisenberg (No Mas), Dante Ross (ProKeds), Eugene Kan (Hypebeast), Greg Rivera (Mishka), Nick Schonberger and Jeff Carvalho (Selectism), the Iron Heart Entourage and Sugar Cane Crew.

2) Being able to not only say that I have stayed at The Palms but being able to tell people it was comped. Thanks Jon.

1) Finally getting my Las Vegas celebrity story. The 3sixteen crew hit The Palms food court for breakfast the first morning before heading to Capsule. Drew and Johan were feeling McD's while I on the other hand had no intentions of spending the day feeling like I got punched in the stomach. So I headed over to a spot across the court to grab a muffin. Tall drink of water standing in front of me puts in an order and I noticed he was fairly well dressed and when I took a look over realized it was the legend himself - Tony Hawk. I mustered up a greeting, exchanged a few words and went on my way. Pretty excited to tell Johan and Andrew about my encounter but when I got across the court to tell the crew that I just met a living legend Andrew pointed out to me that DJ Jazzy Jeff was standing in front of him putting in an order at Ronald's. Set the tone for the trip.