Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Undefeated | Arkitip x James Bond

I am aware that this video came out almost a year ago but it remains one of the better if not the best looks at UNDFTD. Felipe Lima sat down with James Bond at John Marshall High School in Los Feliz as part of the Arkitip Chronicles.

Arkitip began in 1999. The first run consisted of 50 copies that were hand stapled and hand silkscreened on corrugated cardboard. From the get-go Arkitip focused its attention on a handmade craft approach with unmatched quality in content. Today the magazine remains rooted in its earlier principle - artists contribute to the magazine and each issue is a hand numbered, 4 color art book. The lower price point allows people like myself who love art but do not necessarily have the budget for it to buy work that would otherwise be hanging in a gallery. Artists like Shepard Fairey and Steven Harrington top the most recent issues of the magazine that range from $45-$100+ mark. The magazine thrives to support the arts, promote freedom of expression and make art affordable and accessible.

If you ever have creativity block just take a look at the run of publication design (Arkitip).
The site not only is home to their magazine and other art publications but also features a collection of blogs written by some very respected creative minds including Kevin Carney (creative director of Generic Surplus and Generic Surplus), Michael Leon (Creative Director of Nike SB), Wood Wood as well as the Undefeated cast.

(via. Arkitip)