Monday, September 28, 2009

The Hundreds | Black & Gray Jun Cha

The Hundreds will reveal their most recent collaboration with LA-based artist Jun Cha this coming week. The two parties collaborated on a series of apparel, headwear, footwear and accessories that will debut at both THSF and THLA. The release coincides with Jun's solo exhibition at Canvas Gallery a few doors down from THLA. Canvas Gallery is a gallery/retail spot that strives to promote artistic contributions in tattoo culture.

Jun Cha broke down the details of how the partnership came into fruition.

"Our project is about the people of this city, and the times we face. The city’s resources exhausted, the rich get fat, while we starve on the streets. Our heroes are the women and children, left to rebuild a burned Los Angeles, that we ourselves have destroyed. We take away your money, jewelry and cars. We strip your clothes and replace them with ours. We leave scars in your skin so you can remember, and burn everything that you are proud to claim as “Los Angeles.” How our heroes have survived with only each other is what we will show you".

Grand opening reception goes this Friday (Oct. 2) at Canvas Gallery at 441 N Fairfax from 9pm-11pm. Go out and support.

(via. The Hundreds)