Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alife Presents | Clayton Patterson - L.E.S. Captured

Alife Presents is currently displaying Clayton Patterson's photo series 'L.E.S. Captured'. The body of work documents Patterson's 30-year documentation of the dramatically transitioned Lower East Side. The series reflects Patterson's compulsive nature in documenting his neighborhood and community beginning in 1985.

Patterson was born in 1948 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He made the move to New York City in 1978. In 1983 Clayton and his companion, Elsa Rensaa, purchased a building on Essex Street which would become not only their home but also Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Museum. Clayton is also respected for co-founding New York Tattoo Society of New York which helped win the fight to legalize tattooing in the city.

The body of work captures an honest portrayal of Lower East Side living in the late 80's onward. From the children and families to thugs, lovers, drug dealers, drug users, disenfranchised artists and others that would disappear from collective memory.

The exhibition is a 3 part celebration of the work including the show itself, a book signing and a theatre-screening. Two limited tees are also available at the gallery.

The show runs until November 8th at Alife Presents located at 157 Rivington Street. Gallery hours are Tuesday - Sunday noon until 7pm.