Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fashion's Night Out | What's All This Hype About

So today after work I decided that I was going to check out a few of the happenings that were part of this over hyped Fashion's Night Out. Over 800 retail stores in New York jumped at the opportunity. The concept was a global initiative to promote retail, celebrate fashion and restore consumer confidence. The American event was put on by Vogue alongside NYC & Company, the City of New York, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America in an effort to boost consumer spirits.

The only thing of the night that boost my consumer spirit was Isaiah and the return of the fashionable eye patch. This nice inexpensive man accessory took me back to the 2pac and Dre's California Lovin' days. Much to bold for me but a good look for the youngin' hoping to see Pharrell and Cudi at the Bape store.

I hung out for a bit but there is only so long you can wait. It is safe to say that Bape/BBC/Ice Cream is alive and well in New York. I would guess there was probably 400-500 kids waiting in line in their mismatched attire when I got there, all hoping to cop the Baby Milo x Kid Cudi store exclusive tee. It is kind of crazy to think that a year ago today Cudi was clocking in to work his 9 to 5 at this store. Goes to show how life can change so quickly with a little hard work and dedication.

As I mentioned my visit was fairly short but rumor had it that Cudi was performing and Pharrell was working the till. After the Bape visit I decided to swing by 21 Mercer for the Nike "event". I am pretty sure that no one spent any money in the city tonight and only went to hit up the open bars. Nike had some shady characters post up including a group of women that I would imagine will resemble the Sex in the City gals 60 years from now, proving that everyone likes to get their drink on during a recession.

Attendance at the event was pretty solid much better then the spots I passed on the way. Lucky Brand was throwing something and were pretty much begging people to come in the store. The night really had nothing to do with spending money but was more of a social event on the New York City calendar. It is safe to say that there was no shortage of star power for the event. Diddy threw a shaker at Sean John on 5th and 41st, the Olsen twins served cocktails at Bergdorf Goodman while Victoria Beckham did...something, JT swung by Saks, Charlize Theron turned up at Dior and Kate Hudson attended Stella McCartney.

To be honest I hate shopping. I would much rather lay in bed half dressed and shop online. The only reason I decided to check out the 21 Mercer was to say what up to Kellen who was filming the event. Kellen Dengler is slowly compiling one of the most impressive portfolios working for the likes of Nike Sportswear, 3sixteen, Dime Magazine, Levi's and Boundless NY with a couple higg profile jobs in the works.

At the end of the day I really don't think these stores are hurting as badly as the PSA made it sound out to be. Like past 3sixteen intern Matt said, it looked and sounded like a third world - feed the children spot. During this time of recession it's not the big department stores and celebrity endorsed ventures that need our money it's the corner bodega's, local pizzeria's and independent boutiques that need our financial support. So go buy some vinyl at The Sound Library (165 Orchard St), hit Slurp for some sushi (84 Stanton), and have a night cap at Epstein's (82 Stanton). And yes I would wear the Nike Terminator High Supreme 'Swagger' and no I would not pay for them.