Friday, February 27, 2009

The Face Behind Supreme: James Jebbia

Interview did, strangely enough, an interview with one of the leaders behind skate and street fashion, James Jebbia. James Jebbia founded Supreme in 1994 in a small storefront on Ali's favourite street Lafayette in downtown New York. The brand and shop has since expanded to Los Angeles and Japan. Today Supreme has carved out a niche market that attracts the 'populist youth' customer. Built on a reputation of carefree living and at times rude treatment and poor service. It's not uncommon to be told not to unfold the t-shirts or that there aren't any fitting rooms (when in fact there are) the brand continues to attract the streetwear connoisseur.

The interview was conducted by Interview's Editorial Director Glenn O'Brien and is extremely intriguing. Mr. O'Brien addresses everything from the recession and current economic market to eBay and online culture. You can read it here.

(via Interview)