Thursday, February 19, 2009

Magic Las Vegas | Mishka - Greg Rivera

So I'm in Vegas for a few days making the tradeshow circuit from Magic, Project and hopefully Capsule tomorrow. It's clear to see that the economy is hurting here. Aside from the bizzilion open slot machines here, the Las Vegas Review ran a little article that suggested that the attendance at Magic was down 40% from last years numbers. Either way I headed over to Magic this morning after utilizing my buffet credit at Planet Hollywood. There is nothing more degrading then crushing 7 pieces of french toast and having no one to share it with.

Greg Rivera was kind enough to not only give up an hour of his time for me to pick his brain about the state of streetwear but also hooked me up with a pass to peep the show. Greg was super friendly and offered a great perspective on the economy, direction of the brand and things to look forward to. Unfortunately I believe in confidentiality but keep your eyes on the Mishka camp in the up coming seasons. Big things.

And you never know who you will run into. Scott and Greg, the heads of two of my favourite brands, chatting it up. The guys from Last Rights also brought the Stihl chainsaw to the show. The thing is legit.

I have never attended Magic before but it was clear the traffic wasn't there. However there were a few crowds that gathered around Paul Wall, Jermaine Dupri, and the live painting featuring Blaine Fontana that was being auctioned off for charity.