Friday, February 20, 2009

Vegas Top Ten

As I sit at McCaran waiting for my flight to Denver and a long day of travel ahead I have some time to reflect and recap an eventful Vegas trade show trip.  Everyone loves the top 10 lists so here are my top 10 Moments from Magic/Project/Vegas.

10) Rounding out spot 10 - sbarro pizza.  You do not even want to guess how many meals (breakfast/lunch/supper) I had them to thank for.

9) MGM and Planet Hollywood Buffet.  Great food and even better company.

8) Seeing the Last Rights x Stihl chainsaw being carried around Magic.

7) Chris Tucker Nike run in.  Thanks for the shoes Amanda.

6) Being able to tell people I hit a Royal in Vegas.

5) Crossing paths with Blaine Fontana and the Mighty Healthy guys.

4) Meeting Jeff Ng of Staple Design.  Did he understand a word I said...probably not.

3) Triumvir Skyloft and meeting some of the Truimvir and Rogue Status guys.

1 & 2) I can't say one was better then the other.  A much anticipated sit down with Mishka co-owner Greg Rivera and dinner with Johan Lam and Andrew Chen of 3sixteen.

Peep the Triumvir Skyloft at the MGM.  These guys know how to go big.  Lets just say the SkyLoft for three nights was more then I made working full time this past summer.