Monday, February 16, 2009

Kid Cudi Tasered During NBA Allstar Weekend

Looks like the Kid is not a fan of Reebok. So the story goes Cudi was: "Set to perform, the rising star apparently got into a shouting match with Reebok associates regarding his refusal to wear Reebok in favor of Air Jordans (turns out it was simply another pair of Boks). Subsequently, police were called in and the altercation escalated to the point in which police stepped in and tazed Kid Cudi".

Turns out it was over a pair of shoes. Kudi was forced to wear these Reebok kicks (top) and refused to be "humiliated" in them so he chose to wear his option B. "Option b, I call them the soul daggers, cuz it would break my moms heart if she saw me in these haha" (Kid Cudi).

I am not too sure what the deal was as he simply chose another pair of Reeboks to rock that didn't disgrace his feet. If anything Reebok should thank Cudi for all the additional coverage they are getting for this incident.
(via /// Highsnobiety)