Thursday, February 19, 2009

Project Las Vegas: 3sixteen

After Magic I made my way over to Mandalay Bay to check out Project. The attendance situation with Magic probably had a lot to do with the opening day of the Project and Capsule show, as Project boasted a large buyer attendance. I was looking forward to the sit down chat with Johan and Andrew of 3sixteen that I had secured earlier in the week after submitting a resume for an internship. So I was stoked. Their booth had a constant flow so I bombed it around the show for an hour before the hot seat. I ran into our homegrown Winnipeg identical twins Chip and Pepper Foster and also crossed paths with one of my design idols Jeff Ng. I am sure he did not understand a word I said in my awestruck state.

After hanging out with Andrew and Johan for a few, we went to the MGM to indulge in the Buffet. I don't know if it was the french toast still lingering but I was definitely off the pace. After the bite the guys invited me to check out the Truimvir Suite show with them. These guys ball out. They took an alternative approach of renting a suite (that was sweet) at the MGM Grand, that was about the size of my house/had more flat screens then I had hats/pool table/two stories. All to display their Civil War Collection which is tight.