Thursday, February 19, 2009

Magic/Project Las Vegas: Day 2

Slept in a bit today but after having Sbarro's for breakfast I made my way back over to Magic. I spent about an hour strolling around but the place was quiet.

They were also wrapping up the mural painting that ended up selling for $25,000. So at least we know there is someone out there building his shops assets.

After Magic I made my way back over to Project. Cruised around there for a bit even had some guy compliment me, and I quote "Nice kicks my man". I turned around to check his steez and exchange the compliment. When I turned around I was starring into the eyes of Chris Tucker who was giving me the Money Talks glare. I had a tough time telling him I liked his bedazzled Obama tee. Word was Kanye was also in town at the Creative Rec party last night.

Best part of the day though would be hitting the Royal at Mandalay Bay. Talk about the best invested $5 of my life. The odds of hitting a Royal are 1:649,740. And how many people can say they have hit a Royal in Vegas?