Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammy Recap

I guess I should just call it the movie Monday recap. The Grammy's were actually very enjoyable this year. Kanye kept his mouth shut although made a disgusted face when he had to announce Adele as best new artist. Chris Brown and Rihanna's performed was axed after Chris Brown turned himself in to local authorities for for alleged battery against an unnamed woman in an incident that took place the night before. So with lots to talk about here is my top five moments from last night.

5. Radiohead and the USC Marching Band - Radiohead picked up their first award of the night for best boxed or special limited edition album and quickly followed by another for best alternative music album.

4. Carrie Underwood - looked stunning and has a stage presence like no other.

3. T.I. and Justin Timberlake - "Dead and Gone" performance was rad. Justin and T.I. were definitely crowd pleasers. It looks like it will be a while before we see T.I. perform again as he is off to prison next month.

2. Swagger Like Us - A very pregnant MIA, Kanye, T.I., Jay-z, and Lil Wayne could easily have gone number one. Unmatched style, egos and talent all on stage at once. I would imagine that MIA had to hold her legs tight together as to not give birth to her child whose due date was the same day as yesterday's Grammy Awards.

1. Chris Martin and Jay-z - as the LA times put it "The best of the night's deliberately sparse performances, with Hova's rhymes beautifully complementing Martin's plangent piano and vocals".

In terms of the fashion recap it seemed everyone from Jay-Z and Lil Wayne to Robert Plant were rocking dark to black denim. Not to mention, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, MIA and T.I. were all rocking Sabre Sunglasses. And no matter what anyone says Kanye's mullet is nasty.