Friday, February 13, 2009

Last Rights Clothing

Last Rights Inc from Last Rights Inc on Vimeo.

Miami street wear company Last Rights will be making its premiere at Magic/Slate next week in Las Vegas. For a new brand I must say it looks impressive. The tee designs are average but they already have an outwear line. They released this some what impressive coming out video which actually was written up in the Miami Herald after some Florida Keys residents reported suspicious activity and called authorities after "a low flying plane dropped two suspect bags into the water near Gilbert Marina". Ha.

The thing that blows me away the most though is in their online catalogue they have this Stihl chainsaw listed under accessories raising a few questions and my eyebrows. No I do not need to cut down a tree/body in my designer gear? It's a super nice chainsaw and would be ideal to have at the lake but it makes me never want to step off a plane in Miami again. But it's fresh to see something different. Ill get back at you when I find a price for this bad boy. Hopefully it will be on display at Magic.