Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Estate LA x Gatorade x Leroy Jenkins

Gatorade appears to be going through a rebrand or repositioning as of late. Aside from the new series of Gatorade "G" commercials we get this little promo pack from the team at Gatorade and Estate LA.

The promo case is limited to 80 pieces world wide. The promo items come in this gorgeous Zero Halliburton case. Upon opening you are greeted with a book that explains Gatorade "G".

Underneath the book is Estate LA x Leroy Jenkins x Gatorade hat, a Leroy x Gatorade tee, a pair of Bose x Gatorade headphones and all this is topped off with a Gatorade iPod touch with a message from Michael Jordan. And if this all makes you thirsty the lower section of the case is stocked with an assortment of new Gatorade products.

(via Estate LA)