Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winnipeg's Own: Grand Analog

Grand Analog - Touch Your Toes Part 2 (feat. Kiyomi) from Life After Midnight on

Grand Analog was formed in 2006 by former frontman of Mood Ruff, Odario Williams. Winnipeg native Odario Williams united musical forces with his brother DJ Ofield (Ofield K. Williams), Warren Bray, Damon Mitchell and co-producers Catalist and Wu Ataman. It's difficult to categorize the sound and style of Grand Analog as the music draws inspiration from reggae, soul, hip-hop, jazz inspired sound and credits the likes of Marvin Gaye, Joni Mitchell, A Tribe Called Quest, Bad Brains, Tony Bennett, and The Roots.

"It's hip-hop, but soul must be in the bloodline. Soul can channel through many genres of music. We sample and play a fair share of dub, funk and rock into the mix. These are expressed more specifically in the live show. We jam quite a bit and experiment right then and there on stage during a performance." - GA

Grand Analog's debut album 'Calligraffiti' was released in stores July 2007. The band also has announced the follow-up release of 'Metropolis Is Burning' in March of this year.

The CD package is also pretty hype. It was done by local talent, Mark Remoquillo, a current member of Winnipeg design firm Urban Ink. The CD package is above innovation and features countless hand drawn illustrations that "were scanned, composed and implemented across the design of all materials".