Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kanye This and Kanye That

It seems like ever third blog entry everywhere is about Kanye West. Well Kanye threw this pic up on his blog on Friday. Its one of the apparent 6 Louis Vuitton kicks he did for the fashion empire.

The shoe has a timeless feel and could go with just about any outfit for any occasion from a casual outing to formal event. I think the shoe is a nice mix of classic footwear and a nice deck shoe contour. Definitely has a Sperry Topsider feel and similar components of classic Visvim kicks executed in a unique manner. I do have issues with the back of the shoe. To me it looks totally out of place. I mean you would obviously have to see this shoe in person and tried on to have a good appreciation for it or to be critical of it but to me that is the only aspect that I feel was a slight miss cue. Either way kudos to you Kanye for opening a new chapter in your life and following your fashion aspirations. We look forward to seeing the other five.