Monday, January 19, 2009

Kenneth Lavallee

Ken was at one point probably one of Winnipeg's best kept secrets. However with his successes over the past couple of years it's safe to say that as the days pass he is tettering on the border of becoming a household name.

I am not too sure if Ken has wrapped up his studies at the U of M yet or not but I can recall wondering the halls in my first year and seeing his work displayed in the halls. Being a student of Fine Art who lacked the ability to draw (ironic I know), it was inspiring to see the surreal creations he conceived and the ability to utilize whimsical lines in ways I had never experienced.

Ken's work has appeared in Galleries across North America including LA's ThinkSpace Gallery, Chicago's DvA Gallery and SF's Receiver Gallery. His work has also appeared in New York Times Magazine. Right now I believe is work is on display once again in Los Angeles at ThinkSpace Gallery. If you head over there you may still be able to get your hands on a piece of his work.

I am not sure what Ken is up to these days but I am going to try and track him down and fill in these blanks. For now I encourage you to check out the illustration of Kenneth Lavallee here.