Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love It or Hate It

I came across Bryan Scott's website a few months ago. Bryan Scott is a University of Manitoba Architecture graduate whom has turned his passion for photography, architecture and Winnipeg into a side project: Winnipeg Love Hate is a collection if images that Bryan has collected over the past years reflecting his Love/Hate relationship with the city.

"I hope that the photos presented here depict a Winnipeg that often goes unseen and unnoticed; a multi-layered, architecturally rich city that is more than just the snow and mosquitoes for which it is (sadly) most well-known." - Bryan Scott

He was kind enough to answer some questions I rattled off to him yesterday. Thanks.

LAM: Where did you study Graphic Design?
Bryan: Red River Collegiate.

LAM: When did you start
Bryan: February 2008.

LAM: What kind of readership has the site obtained?
Bryan: More than I ever expected...

LAM: What is your favourite image you have taken to date?
Bryan: Impossible to say.

LAM: First site you remember photographing?
Bryan: Also impossible to say for sure. If my memory severs me correct, however, the first time I really went out of my way to photograph a Winnipeg scene, it was Portage and Main at night. That was many years ago.

LAM: Best part of Winnipeg?
Bryan: Downtown.

LAM: Worst part of Winnipeg?
Bryan: Bigbox retail centres like those on Kenaston and Regent.

LAM: Setup?
Bryan: I shoot with a Pentax K10, and a variety of lenses (Sigma 17-70, Pentax 50, Pentax 28-200).

Bryan's use of HDR technology allows for some of the most captivating photographs that has turned even the mundane locations and buildings of Winnipeg into breath taking compositions.