Sunday, January 4, 2009

One Nice Accessory

I really don't know what to say about this. I think the Bentley Continental GT Coupe is an incredible piece of design innovation, elegance and one of the nicest vehicles money can buy. However this has made me think twice. PH purchased this little diddy last month for a cool $200,000. If Bentley knew what West Coast Customs was going to do to it they may have thought twice.

In 2007, the last time we saw PH in a Bentley, it was getting towed after PH was caught driving with a suspended license. There was also the time before that when her and her friends decided to escape the paparazzi by hitting a delivery truck with a Bentley GT Coupe. Its probably safe to say that Bentley's don't bring any luck to the socialite.

The thing that urks me most though is that she compared this incredible piece of British engineering to a Barbie Corvette. "I think when you're a little girl and you have the Barbie Corvette you're like, 'I wish I had a car like this one'. So I think [it's] just being a fan of Barbie for so long".

But maybe this is the boost Bentley Motors needs. Sales in November were down 32% from last year and the 1,500 Bentley employees at the head plant in Crewe were given 4 weeks extra holiday due to the lack of demand. Give Bentley credit for giving all their employees the extended paid vacation and kick whomever is responsible for this PH head rest and front emblem in the face. (pictures courtesy of