Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shepard Fairey Inauguration Print 01/23

Shepard Fairey

Iconic 24" x 36" Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered

I guess congratulations are in order for Mr. Fairey on having the original work a permanent part of the Smithsonian's collection.

"Shepard Fairey’s red, white, and blue “Hope” illustration, replicated on thousands of t-shirts, signs and buttons during the 2008 campaign, was one of the most identifiable symbols of Barack Obama’s historic run for the White House. Just yesterday, the Smithsonian announced that Fairey’s original work will become a permanent part of the Smithsonian’s collection and be displayed in the National Portrait Gallery by Inauguration Day. Fairey also designed the portrait of President-Elect Obama featured on the cover of Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” issue last month." - Obey

Print goes on sale this Friday, January 23 at 11 PST at Limited to one set per person/household. The poster is limited to 10,000 pieces being sold at $500 a piece. Its about time Shepard cashed in on his work. The man behind the iconic Hope poster that sold out repeatedly throughout the campaign. Proceeds from earlier sales went towards the campaign. I would love to see these all sell out and see Shepard's pockets over flow with $5,000,000.