Monday, January 12, 2009


As you have read I am really stoked on a few artists these days. The list is short and consisted of Kid Cudi, Tegan and Sarah, Rob Roy, Asher Roth and Passion Pit.

A-Game featuring Kim Davis - The Preparation from L & G Films on Vimeo.

But A-Game is coming for that number one spot. Consisting of identical twins by the name of Rommel and Robert Hinds-Grannum (Nova and Chase) we get the swagger of Fab mixed with the minded style of Lupe, times two. Nova and Chase were born November 2nd 1988 in Scarborough. Ontario. The tandem grew up on the streets of Toronto where they developed a signature sound that has been described as mind provoking, original and relative. These two talented individuals co-produce many of their own beats and write there own lyrics, which cannot be said for a lot of today's musicians. They began shooting their second video for "Go Ahead Shawty" a couple days ago so look for that. Their EP is "The World is Yours" is currently available at

"Yeah, we have years of goals ahead of us. Our main goal and our ultimate accomplishment is to show God how much we appreciate our talent and we wanna do something positive with it, to show our mom that all the time, stress, money and energy she put into this movement, that we will be able to reward her one day and the rest of our family, friends and fans that all their hard work and support through this time will pay off!" - A-Game