Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Overload

It seems that with the economy everyone and I mean everyone is trying to capitalize on the celebrity and cult status of Mr. Obama. It seems like every clothing brand has an Obama shirt now. Its cool to see everyone excited for change and this new sense of hope that Obama has brought to the table but at the same time I feel that good design has been shelved and replaced with the mentality of a quick dollar. I do have a lot of respect for these brands and these are just a taste of what is popping up but there was potential for so much more.

Like what is this? Obama Air, is that an airline? Has he launched a shoe? Its crazy how sweet of a design copy + paste can create. Does anyone wear this?

And it's only getting worse. Obama and Spiderman (though I am sure in 20 years this will be highly collectible) and word of an Obama Action Figure. Since the election or circus, Palin has hired an entertainment lawyer and Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State, inked a deal with William Morris Talent Agency. I am waiting for McCain to be hired as a reporter for BET.