Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years

This year I had the opportunity to travel quit a bit and meet a lot of influential people. The best part of traveling and networking with people is the opportunity to receive good sound advice. Advice that can be applied to school, your career and life in general. A few highlights that came this year was having the opportunity to sit and chat with some very influential designers and people I have looked up to. They shared a lot of wisdom with me and it seems only fitted heading into a New Year to pass on the words of wisdom.

"Go to school and invest in an education" - Benny Gold (Gold Creative)

"Dude it's about working hard" - Bobby Kim (The Hundreds)

"If you work harder then the person you're up against, you'll win" - Ben Shenassafar (The Hundreds)

"Wealth is of the heart and mind not the pocket" - Pharrell Williams (I wish he had told this to me personally ha)

And my personal favourite...

"There is nothing wrong with a $15 haircut" - Bobby Kim (The Hundreds)

My advice to you is life is too short, go after your ridiculous aspirations. You might be pleasantly surprised.